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El Magdaleniense con triángulos de Las Caldas (Asturias, España): Nuevos datos para la definición del Magdaleniense inferior Cantábrico

Universidad de Salamanca: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca
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  • Mathematics


The Lower Magdalenian levéis in Las Caldas Cave, show original characteristics. The flint industry includes backed bladelets and a large series of microblades, whith triangles and other geometrics. The bone industry and its portable art contribute to make emphasize the strong personality of this Magdalenian, keeping a great number of Perigordian and Solutrian elements. Directly superposed to Solutrian, it is also representated in other sites in the Middle-Nalon Valley. The sporadic presece of macroindustry (bifaces, chopping tools and a possible cleaver), reveáis the occasional reutilisation of tools and nucleus of Lower Palaeolithic tipology, coming from the nears of the cave. The upper secuence has been dated to 14.495 ± 140 BP (level XII).

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