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Journal of Food Distribution Research Volume 30 Part 01 Page 0001 An Overview of Key Food Industry Drivers: Implication for the Fresh Produce Industry Roberta Cook Introduction If we consider just fresh fruits, Spain is the largest exporter in the world as a result of its The marketing of fruit and vegetable corn- dominant position in fresh citrus. By the way, modities brings you directly in touch with con- those from Spain may be interested to know that, sumer and food distribution trends-making it while both Spain and the United States face especially dynamic. In other words, unlike agri- growing competition in the orange and lemon cultural products that are used as ingredients, such sectors, Spain still controls more than 55 percent as soybean meal, consumers vote directly with of world tangerine trade-a very high concentra- their money about the consumption of fresh fruits tion ratio, indeed! and vegetables. While fruits and vegetables are Exports were traditionally a small share of the consumed in both fresh and processed forms, the market for perishable fruits and vegetables (albeit more exciting changes are happening on the fresh varying widely by commodity and country), owing side-so that will be the focus of this paper. Inter- in large part to trade barriers and the technical diffi- national issues will be highlighted since there are culty and expense of long-distance shipping. Trade some unique things going on in this arena for the liberalization has recently expanded market access fresh fruit and vegetable sector. and provided strengthened mechanisms for com- World demand, supply, and trade of fresh bating nontariff trade barriers, such as scientifically fruits and vegetables is on the rise. Global trade in unfounded sanitary and phytosanitary restrictions. these commodities surpasses US$40 billion, and Furthermore, major advances in post-harvest han- world production totals approximately 1 billion dling technology have improved control over the tons. It is always difficult t

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