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A Study on Educational Policy of Public Education in Chosun

  • 유학 사상(Confucian Ideology)
  • 교육정책(Educational Policy)
  • 관학(Public Education)
  • 성균관(Seong-Gyun-Gwan)
  • 향교(Hayng-Gyo)
  • Design
  • Education


Chosen has established Confucian order as governing ideology from the foundation of the country. Therefore, educational policy of Chosun has also focused of popularization of Confucian ideology. In these popularization and expansion of Confucian ideology, Seong-gyun-gwan and Hyang-gyo were representative educational agencies which played important role. They presented various policies to promote education in Seong-gyun-gwan and Hyang-gyo which were given by the nation in Chosen dynasty. First of all, I can summarize the policy of Seong-gyun-gwan that has carried out in Chosen period as following. They established Seong-gyun-gwan and Munmyo, and repaired and extended building of Seong-gyun-gwan, Also they made students wear Cheong-geum that was a kind of school uniform, and exempted officials of Seong-gyun-gwan from attendance at the Royal Court to concentrate on the education of pre-Confucianists, and selected ones who were excellent in scholarship and made stay them their position for a long time. In addition, they executed holiday system on Seong-gyun-gwan students, and in the case of disaster or bad harvest gave them vacation. And kings have given messages to promote Seong-gyun-gwan students' learning, and often given Seong-gyun-gwan books, alcohol and meat. Secondly, I can summarize educational policy of Hyang-gyo as enlightening the popular morals of the provincial as following. They designated scholars who were proficient in bibles as instructor, and reflected grades of student period in selecting leaders. Also they repaired fallen behind Hyang-gyo and arranged utensils for religious services, provided Hyang-gyo with books. Like Seong-gyun-gwan, they supplied fields for study to make students of Hyang-gyo concentrate on their study, affairs on field were under the control of local leader. Also, they recommended Hyang-gyo's education when Hyang-gyo's students lost interest in learning by means of selecting Confucian students, and banned national services on students of Hyang-gyo. In the cases of losing fields or bad harvest, they gave Confucian student vacation and let them go home, and temporarily stopped repairing Hyang-gyo building.

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