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Direction Determination in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Grid Topology

Publication Date
  • Ieee 802.15.4
  • Direction
  • Phenomenon
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Wsn
  • Routing Protocol: Aodv
  • Qualnet 5.2.
  • Mathematics


This paper describes a novel method for determining the direction of a phenomenon such as wind in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). The method is based on a structured grid topology and mainly depends on analyzing the timestamp of each node in the grid at the base station. The topology and the routing protocol are evaluated by simulation using Qualnet 5.2 framework. Throughput, latency and average power consumption are measured and compared in order to investigate the efficiency of our method. We evaluate various parameters like Average Endto- End Delay (sec.), Residual Battery Capacity (mAhr), Throughput (bits/sec.), and Jitter (s) using IEEE 802.15.4 AODV (Ad-hoc on demand distance Vector Routing Protocol) by applying Grid Topology.

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