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Widespread Fatigue Damage in Military Aircraft


This is Research and Technology Organization (RTO) AGARD Conference Proceedings report, AGARD-CP-568, dated December 1995. Several countries have been experiencing aging air craft related problems in their military fleets, p articularly among their military transport aircraf t. The most troubling aging aircraft structure-rel ated issue is widespread fatigue damage (WFD), som etimes termed as multiple site damage, whose onset due to fatigue causes a dramatic structural stren gth reduction. Invariably, when WFD occurs, the af fected model in the fleet is subjected to an exten sive modification program which is almost always e xpensive and time-consuming. A Specialists' Meetin g on the subject was held in order to explore ways and means to quantitatively predict structural de gradation on account of WFD as a function of usage and when WFD is likely to occur. For individual titles, see N96-24260 through N96-24277. Bibliographic and abstract details are available in HTML format. A table of contents, and the full text (48 Kb) of the document can be accessed online in PDF format. The document is contained in the RTO's Full Text Publication Library.

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