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Special sextics with a quadruple line

Department of Mathematics, University of Osijek
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  • Congruence Of Lines
  • Pedal Surface
  • Multiple Point
  • Pinch-Point
  • Tangent Cone
  • Mathematics


This paper deals with a special class of 6th order surfaces with a quadruple straight line in a three-dimensional Euclidean space. These surfaces, denoted by $mathcal P_4^6$, are the pedal surfaces of one special 1st order 4th class congruence $mathcal C_4^1$. The parametric and implicit equations of $mathcal P_4^6$ are derived, some of their properties are proved and their visualizations are given. The singularities of $mathcal P_4^6$ are classified according to the shapes of their tangent cones. The methods applied are analytic, synthetic and algebraic, supported by the program Mathematica 6.

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