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The Research on the Uncertainty Factors and Their Adaptive Strategies for the Implementation of Supply Chain Management --- Using Information & Electronic Industry in Taiwan as the Study Object

  • 供應鏈管理
  • 不確定性因素
  • 資訊電子業
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Uncertainty Factors
  • Information & Electronic Industry


This thesis collected the sources and impacts of the various uncertainty factors based on the literature survey of previous studies, then we review the solutions, which was announced, and propose a prototype of the architecture of adaptive strategies for these uncertainty factors. In this architecture we use graphics modeling tools (IDEF0) to present business processes, then take a discussion with related planners and operators to find out all the sources of uncertainty and the impacts caused by the uncertainty to the company. For the sources of the uncertainty, we take possible preventive strategies to reduce the probability of occurrence. For the impacts of the uncertainty, we take possible defensive strategies to eliminate the impacts of the uncertainty. Then we use case study to understand that how Taiwan’s Information & Electronic companies do as they suffer from uncertainty and to correct the prototype of the architecture. Finally, we synthesize the discoveries, and provide the helpful suggestions to Information & Electronic Industry in Taiwan for a reference if they want to implement Supply Chain Management.

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