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Analysis of heat and mass transfer during bulk hydraircooling of spherical food products

Elsevier Science
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  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mathematics


Hydraircooling is a technique used for precooling food products. In this technique chilled water is sprayed over the food products while cold unsaturated air is blown over them. Hydraircooling combines the advantages of both air- and hydrocooling. The present study is concerned with the analysis of bulk hydraircooling as it occurs in a package filled with several layers of spherical food products with chilled water sprayed from the top and cold unsaturated air blown from the bottom. A mathematical model is developed to describe the hydrodynamics and simultaneous heat and mass transfer occurring inside the package. The non-dimensional governing equations are solved using the finite difference numerical methods. The results are presented in the form of time-temperature charts. A correlation is obtained to calculate the process time in terms of the process parameters.

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