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A physiological mathematical model of the respiratory system

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Microsoft Word - A Physiological Mathematical Model of the Pulmonary Respiratory System7 A Physiological Mathematical Model of the Respiratory System Mads Lause Mogensen Department of Health Science and Technology Center for Model-Based Medical Decision Support Aalborg University 2011 © 2011 All rights reserved ISBN (print edition): 978-87-7094-092-4 ISBN (electronic edition): 978-87-7094-093-1 Cover by (Kasper Rodil): Illustration of the alveoli and capillary network 2 ABSTRACT In patients where mechanical ventilation is required, the aim of mechanical ventilation is to ensure adequate gas-exchange while avoiding ventilator induced lung injury (VILI). Uncertainties exist regarding the causes and prevention of VILI. The effect of mechanical ventilation on the distribution of ventilation, perfusion and gas-exchange in the lungs is not fully understood; especially the effect of gravity is debated in the literature. Furthermore, it has not been determined how alveoli behave during mechanical ventilation and it has not been determined to which extend alveoli opens and close during breathing even for healthy lungs. The first step towards improving ventilator therapy strategies is therefore to understand how the healthy lungs respond to mechanical ventilation. The focus of this PhD project was to develop a mathematical physiological model of the respiratory system consisting of four sub models describing the pulmonary ventilation, perfusion, blood chemistry and gas-exchange during mechanical ventilation. The ventilation model simulates pressure-volume relationships in the lungs and the perfusion model describes the pulmonary perfusion during mechanical ventilation both models being stratified with respect to the effects of gravity. The blood model describes acid-base chemistr

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