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ÁGORA. Multilingual Multiplatform Architecture for the development of Natural Language Voice Servides.

Sociedad Española para el Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural
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Microsoft Word - sepln_639_agora.doc AGORA. Multilingual Multiplatform Architecture for the development of Natural Language Voice Services Abstract The natural language spoken dialogue system AGORA has been developed using a Collaborative Dialogue model with Mixed Initiative and Computational Linguistic models and experiences. Thanks to these technologies, the system is highly flexible and it doesn’t need keywords or directed menus. In this demo you will see the multilingual ability and the proacti-vity possibilities of the system. You will also observe a multiservice system and a vocal platform with the last advances in data collection of expert subdialogues. 1 Introduction The most important feature of any modern speech-system is the vast amount of information that must manage. The exponential growth of this amount of information has introduced new complexity to these systems. We have developed a Customer Communication Speech System, AGORA, based on a natural spoken dialogue with four basic pillars: � Proactivity. � Recuperation and Management of dialogue mistakes. � Learning Skill to structure and store di- fferent kinds of knowledge. � Reusing Ability of expert subdialogue modules. This technology enables people to communicate and obtain information in an intuitive way without the necessity of guided menus that request the user to know keywords or special terminology. The system is Collaborative with free interaction and not guided. Users can ask any question to the system, when and how they want to, using their own everyday words and phrases, just as if they were talking to another person. AGORA it’s been used successfully in a wide range of information services in which customers have been able to communicate with a presential or remote machine monitored by this system. Moreover AGORA has the possibility of incorporating new services since it’s a platform of association, composed by a Kernel and an incr

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