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Atomistic molecular dynamics study of interface formation: Al on poly(p-phenylene vinylene)

Physical Review B
American Physical Society
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  • Ecology
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We model interface formation by metal deposition on the conjugated polymer poly-para-phenylene vinylene, studying direct aluminum and layered aluminum-calcium structures Al/PPV and Al/Ca/PPV. To do that we use classical molecular dynamics simulations, checked by ab initio density-functional theory calculations, for selected relevant configurations. We find that Al not only migrates easily into the film, with a strong charge transfer to the neighboring chains, but also promotes rearrangement of the polymer in the interfacial region to the hexagonal structure. On the other hand, our results indicate that a thin Ca layer is sufficient to protect the film and maintain a well-defined metal/polymer interface, and that also a thin Al capping layer may protect the whole from environmental degradation.

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