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Cooperative interactions of simian immunodeficiency virus Nef, AP-2, and CD3-zeta mediate the selective induction of T-cell receptor-CD3 endocytosis

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The Nef proteins of human immunodeficiency virus and simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) bind the AP-1 and AP-2 clathrin adaptors to downmodulate the expression of CD4 and CD28 by recruiting them to sites of AP-2 clathrin-dependent endocytosis. Additionally, SIV Nef directly binds the CD3-zeta subunit of the CD3 complex and downmodulates the T-cell receptor (TCR)-CD3 complex. We report here that SIV mac239 Nef induces the endocytosis of TCR-CD3 in Jurkat T cells. SIV Nef also induces the endocytosis of a chimeric CD8-CD3-zeta protein containing only the CD3-zeta cytoplasmic domain (8-zeta), in the absence of other CD3 subunits. Thus, the interaction of SIV Nef with CD3-zeta likely mediates the induction of TCR-CD3 endocytosis. In cells expressing SIV Nef and 8-zeta, both proteins colocalize with AP-2, indicating that Nef induces 8-zeta internalization via this pathway. Surprisingly, deletion of constitutively strong AP-2 binding determinants (CAIDs) in SIV Nef had little effect on its ability to induce TCR-CD3, or 8-zeta endocytosis, even though these determinants are required for the induction of CD4 and CD28 endocytosis via this pathway. Fluorescent microscopic analyses revealed that while neither the mutant SIV Nef protein nor 8-zeta colocalized with AP-2 when expressed independently, both proteins colocalized with AP-2 when coexpressed. In vitro binding studies using recombinant SIV Nef proteins lacking CAIDs and recombinant CD3-zeta cytoplasmic domain demonstrated that SIV Nef and CD3-zeta cooperate to bind AP-2 via a novel interaction. The fact that Nef uses distinct AP-2 interaction surfaces to recruit specific membrane receptors demonstrates how Nef independently selects distinct types of target receptors and recruits them to AP-2 for endocytosis.

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