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Hangman's Fracture Bilateral pedicle fractures of the 2nd Cervical vertebra

Turkish Association of Orthopaedics and Traumatology
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Hangman's fracture have been observed in only three of more than 100 cases with cervical fractures treated in our clinic between the years 1965-1980. These fractures have occurred in two of our cases as a result of falling overdead from a high altitude, and in one of our cases as a result of traffic accident. No neurological impairement has been noted in one cases whereas hemiparesis has been in two cases. Following reduction with Crutchfield skeletol traction, posterior fusion has been adapted in 2 cases and conservative treatment in one. Excellent results have been obtained in each of the three cases. This fractures which is generally formed with the hyperextension and compression of the neck has been reviewed under data obtained from our cases and literature due to the fact that it has scarcely encountered and had a unique nature compared to the other fractures of the cervical region. It has been concluded that excellent results could be obtained in these fractures both by surgical and conservative treatment that neurological disorder could entirely be relieved by ade-uate treatment.

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