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Business Models, Ownership, and Financing Strategies : Implications of the introduction of electric road systems on markets and possible business models

  • Bernecker, Tobias
  • Engwall, Mats
  • Hasselgren, Björn
  • Helms, Hinrich
  • Speiser, Jonas
  • Widegren, Fredrik
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2020
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While the challenges facing station-based energy supply systems mainly involve replacing and overcoming propulsion technology, a major challenge facing the implementation of an electric road system (ERS) also includes, to a greater extent, the organizational, financial, and more complicated regulatory issues based on energy-road interactions in different sub-markets. The need for a rapid and substantial decarbonization of the transport system runs counter to the long-term development trend in the system. The question of whether an ERS is seen as part of the (public) road system or the (private) energy system will fundamentally affect the market structure of an ERS. Different ERS configurations can create new business opportunities for road operators. Different archetypes of business models for ERS-related services can be identified which could enable an opportunity for new value creation for the private sector. Policy measures enabling business model development for an ERS should be diversified and target all actors involved.Without respecting the specificities of the local markets in the countries crossed by the Hamburg-Helsingborg corridor, the implementation of an ERS is likely to fail. Due to the different access and regulation principles for infrastructure and energy in Germany, Sweden and Denmark, there will not be a standardized ERS regulation along the corridor. Individual priorities on decarbonizing road freight will lead to a country-specific balance between policy push and market pull. Differences in the division of responsibilities between public and private actors could also occur along the corridor and lead to different business models. Depending on the time frame for the construction of the ERS corridor, different configurations between the public and private sectors might be needed. / Swedish German Research Collaboration on Electric Road Systems

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