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The business assistant service as one of the promising areas for the adoption of AI technologies in the enterprise

  • Ivashchenko, Tetiana
  • Chornodid, Igor
  • Ivashchenko, Andrii
Publication Date
Sep 11, 2020
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In modern conditions, entrepreneurs are faced with the acute problem of analysing of numerous information, quickly responding to a constantly changing economic situation, and making the most optimal decisions. In this regard, the development of a Business Assistant service (BAS) is a very relevant since it is a modern solution that can significantly simplify and improve the work of enterprises. The main goal of the research is on the basis of AI technologies to elaborate the Business Assistant service, that would speed up, optimize and simplify the decision-making process for the entrepreneur and can be used by many enterprises both when starting a business and when operating it. The main tasks for implementing the goal are: to analyze the scientific literature regarding the possibilities of using AI technologies in business, to identify the factors that mainly influence the entrepreneur’s choice regarding the sphere of activity, as well as the types of information most useful for doing business, to analyze and collect data for the model design, to develop a prototype of the BAS and test its functionality in practice. The research methods are: the theoretical – analysis and synthesis, abstraction method, the empirical – modelling (clustering, classification, logistic regression) and experimental method.The investigation results are: a prototype of the BAS was created, its effectiveness – ability of delivering useful recommendations and improving the business decision-making process for the entrepreneur has been proven experimentally using actual market data. The service can be effectively used by small and medium-sized enterprises in various industries and regions, provided that there is an access to the necessary data. The main risks associated with its implementation and possible ways of their reduction were considered.

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