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  • Baral, G
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Jan 22, 2017
Nepal Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
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Journal editors expect good quality articles to be published periodically but authors expect whatever is their write-up to be published possibly in an earlier issue. This is the only difference in looking at journal from two different perspectives. Authors seem to be panicky whether they could meet their deadline of promotion and editors will be under pressure to provide acceptance in whatever shape their manuscript is. Thence the real contradiction starts as if editors are hired to publish not to edit. There will be some room to reduce such contradiction for the publishers of business industry but not to the professional societies. Peer reviewed journals have their system to process the entries that requires some time to put in a pipe-line. Authors come with something to be published but journals require specifi c and structured matter so that the philosophy of scientifi c publication to convey new knowledge would meet. The professional attitude of editors is to encourage and facilitate authors by providing general as well as specifi c instruction but ignoring instruction details by authors poses diffi culty in communication. Therefore, to get a good product everyone has to work appropriately and professionally. First submission is always a primary session of learning, then the learning starts by to and fro communication. A latest issue of journal and its website is the good guide to start with. Learning deepens as many times as the communication cycle repeats and fi nally settles with understanding of scientifi c writing. Thus, authors should put effort not for the publishing something but some good thing. DOI: 

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