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Building Brand Trust in E-Government among Socially Vulnerable Groups: A CaseStudy on The Swedish Tax Agency

  • Salkovic, Nejla
  • Freidenvall, Ebba
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Jan 01, 2022
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 The purpose of this thesis is to gain an understanding of how public agencies can increase theirbrand trust by adapting technologies and digital strategies which target inclusiveness forsocially vulnerable groups. To obtain the research purpose, the study explores how the SwedishTax Agency work to adapt its digital tools and the ways in which these digital tools contributeto gaining brand trust. The study was conducted as a qualitative single case study where datawas mainly collected using secondary data of official data published by the Swedish TaxAgency. In addition, employees at Swedish Tax Agency were interviewed, using a semistructured interview as the primary data collection method. The study concludes that there is aneed of both cognitive and affective trust in understanding how agencies can gain brand trustin e-government. They can also be corroborated with both traditional marketing literature andwith more recent literature in e-government. 

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