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Bortezomib-based induction followed by stem cell transplantation in light chain amyloidosis: results of the multicenter HOVON 104 trial.

  • Minnema, Monique C1
  • Nasserinejad, Kazem2
  • Hazenberg, Bouke3
  • Hegenbart, Ute4
  • Vlummens, Philip5
  • Ypma, Paula F6
  • Kröger, Nicolaus7
  • Wu, Ka Lung8
  • Kersten, Marie Jose9
  • Schaafsma, M Ron10
  • Croockewit, Sandra11
  • de Waal, Esther12
  • Zweegman, Sonja13
  • Tick, Lidwien14
  • Broijl, Annemieke15
  • Koene, Harry16
  • Bos, Gerard17
  • Sonneveld, Pieter15
  • Schönland, Stefan4
  • 1 Department of Hematology, UMC Utrecht Cancer Center, Utrecht, the Netherlands [email protected] , (Netherlands)
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Published Article
Ferrata Storti Foundation
Publication Date
Nov 01, 2019
DOI: 10.3324/haematol.2018.213900
PMID: 30923094


This prospective, multicenter, phase II study investigated the use of four cycles of bortezomib-dexamethasone induction treatment, followed by high-dose melphalan and autologous stem cell transplantation (SCT) in patients with newly diagnosed light chain amyloidosis. The aim of the study was to improve the hematologic complete remission (CR) rate 6 months after SCT from 30% to 50%. Fifty patients were enrolled and 72% had two or more organs involved. The overall hematologic response rate after induction treatment was 80% including 20% CR and 38% very good partial remissions (VGPR). Fifteen patients did not proceed to SCT for various reasons but mostly treatment-related toxicity and disease-related organ damage and death (2 patients). Thirty-one patients received melphalan 200 mg/m2 and four patients a reduced dose because of renal function impairment. There were no deaths related to the transplantation procedure. Hematologic responses improved at 6 months after SCT to 86% with 46% CR and 26% VGPR. However, due to the high treatment discontinuation rate before transplantation the primary endpoint of the study was not met and the CR rate in the intention-to-treat analysis was 32%. Organ responses continued to improve after SCT. We confirm the high efficacy of bortezomib-dexamethasone treatment in patients with AL amyloidosis. However, because of both treatment-related toxicity and disease characteristics, 30% of the patients could not proceed to SCT after induction treatment. (Trial registered at Dutch Trial Register identifier NTR3220). Copyright© 2019 Ferrata Storti Foundation.

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