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Blogging i PR-branschen : en ny sorts omvärldsbevakning?

  • Brun, Jonathan
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Jan 01, 2005
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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ABSTRACT Purpose/aim: To clarify what information is communicated through the PR-firm JKL:s blog, how it is communicated, how it relates to and diverges from the communication theories in point, and what the strategies behind the blogging are. By doing this I hope to contribute to the knowledge on corporate blogging and how it can be used. Material/method: Qualitative textual analysis of ten blog posts published on the JKL Blog and process seeking interview with the person in charge of the same blog. Main results: JKLs’ blogging coincides to the most part with business intelligence, with the exception that the information doesn’t relate directly to the company’s’ main activities. This is mainly due to that they can’t publish information about their customers or competitors. Instead they want to expose the broad knowledge the company possesses, and thereby create goodwill towards their target groups. JKL can therefore be said to contribute with a different aspect to business intelligence. The blog also uses an asymmetrical PR-model with two way communication but no deep dialogue. This is not, as Grunig and Hunt argue, due to their claiming to be right in every matter, but rather to the nature of the comments given. Feedback on the blog posts is none the less important to JKL, mainly to correct and bring nuance to the information. Key words: Blogging, corporate blogging, public relations, symmetrical/asymmetrical communication, one way/two way communication, communication strategy, business intelligence.

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