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Biological and chemical reactivity and phosphorus forms of buffalo manure compost, vermicompost and their mixture with biochar

  • Rumpel, C.
  • Alexis, M.
  • Velasquez Vargas, G.
  • Mora Gil, M. de la L.
  • Jouquet, Pascal
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2013
Horizon / Pleins textes
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This study characterized the carbon and phosphorus composition of buffalo manure, its compost and vermicompost and investigated if presence of bamboo biochar has an effect on their chemical and biological reactivity. The four substrates were characterized for chemical and biochemical composition and P forms. The biological stability of the four substrates and their mixtures were determined during an incubation experiment. Their chemical reactivity was analyzed after acid dichromate oxidation. Biological reactivity of these substrates was related to their soluble organic matter content, which decreased in the order buffalo manure > compost > vermicompost. Phosphorus was labile in all organic substrates and composting transformed organic P into plant available P. The presence of biochar led to a protection of organic matter against chemical oxidation and changed their susceptibility to biological degradation, suggesting that biochar could increase the carbon sequestration potential of compost, vermicompost and manure, when applied in mixture.

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