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Biochemical characterization of cells transformed via transfection by feline sarcoma virus proviral DNA.

  • Z F Rosenberg
  • B G Sahagan
  • H W Snyder
  • M B Worley
  • M Essex
  • W A Haseltine
Publication Date
May 01, 1981
  • Biology


Murine fibroblasts transformed by transfection with DNA from mink cells infected with the Snyder-Theilen strain of feline sarcoma virus and subgroup B feline leukemia virus were analyzed for the presence of integrated proviral DNA and the expression of feline leukemia virus- and feline sarcoma virus-specific proteins. The transformed murine cells harbored at least one intact feline sarcoma virus provirus, but did not contain feline leukemia virus provirus. The transformed murine cells expressed an 85,000-dalton protein that was precipitated by antisera directed against feline leukemia virus p12, p15, and p30 proteins. No feline oncornavirus-associated cell membrane antigen reactivity was detected on the surfaces of the transformed murine cells by indirect membrane immunofluorescence techniques. The 85,000-dalton feline sarcoma virus-specific protein was also found in feline cells transformed by transfection. However, these cells also contained env gene products. The results of this study demonstrate that the feline sarcoma virus genome is sufficient to transform murine cells and that expression of the 85,000-dalton gag-x protein is associated with transformation of both murine and feline cells transformed by transfection.

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