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Wringin Anom in the great depression

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During the great depression almost all the colonial sugar factories in Java were forced to restrict their planting area than before. Wringin Anom, one of such factories situated in residency Besuki (East Java), began to narrow her area in 1931/32 and, after 3 years' stopping, restarted planting in somewhat smaller size than in normal years with much lower cost. In this period Wringin Anom cut her planting cost through the reduction of both the number and the wage of laborers, which resulted in some change of the manner of constructing the sugar-cane fields as well as in harder work of the laborers there. As for the rent which shoud be paid to the peasants who offered their rice fields to this factory on long lease Wringin Anom at first tried to avoid full payment with a small compensation of non-occupation and later with making a new contract which enabled her to stop using these lands without any agreement of the peasants. Moreover, the rent itself became much lower in this new contract than in the former one. It is these measures that made Wringin Anom possible to restart her planting notwithstanding the fact that some large landowners stubbornly resisted accepting such conditions at that time.

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