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Electron Mean Energy, Secondary Ionization Coefficients And (E/P)Crit In Binary-Mixtures Of Sf6-N2 And Ccl2f2-N2

Institute of Physics
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  • High Voltage Engineering (Merged With Ee)


Measurements of the ratio of diffusion coefficient to mobility (D/ mu ) of electrons in SF6-N2 and CCl2F2-N2 mixtures over the range 80<E/p<200 (where E is the electric field in V cm-1 and p is the pressure in Torr reduced to 20 degrees C) are reported. Values of (E/p)c.mix (the critical E/p of the mixture, where alpha = eta ), and the electron mean energies epsilon c.mix corresponding to (E/p)c.mix, are found to vary with the percentage of the electronegative gas in the mixture (F) according to the following relationship: (E/p)c.mix=(E/p)c.N(2)+((E/p)c.A-(E/p)c.N(2)) (1-exp(- beta F/100-F)) and epsilon c.mix= epsilon c.N(2)+( epsilon c.A- epsilon c.N(2)) (1-exp(- beta F/100-F)) where A refers to the attaching gas, either SF6 or CCl2F2 and beta is a constant, equal to 2.43 for SF6 mixtures and 5.12 for CCl2F2 mixtures. In the present study, it has been possible to show that beta is indeed to a factor of synergism. Estimated gamma values (secondary ionisation coefficients) did not show any significant variation with F for F<50.

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