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Parietal cell vagotomy and dilatation for peptic duodenal stricture.

Annals of Surgery
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Gastric outlet obstruction due to peptic duodenal stricture (pyloric stenosis) was treated with parietal cell vagotomy and dilatation of the stricture in 32 patients. Follow-up is in the range of 5 years in 37.4% of the patients, while 6 to 10 years follow-up is available in 62.4% of the patients. At their last follow-up, 74.9% of the patients were in either Visick 1 or 2 clinical status. Recurrence rates have been 3.1% at 1 year, 9.3% at 5 years, and 21.8% after 6 to 10 years follow-up. There has been only one instance (3.1%) of restenosis. Two patients required reoperation because of recurrence and one of them died.

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