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Microtribological behaviour of monodisperse polystyrene

DOI: 10.1016/s0167-8922(03)80078-0
  • Polysterene
  • Friction Dynamics
  • Lfa
  • Creep


Single asperity friction measurements in the mN-μm range were performed on monodisperse polystyrenes of different molecular weight. The experiments were performed according to a “slide-hold-slide” protocol, measuring indentation creep, peak friction after hold and steady sliding friction. Indentation creep, peak friction after hold and steady sliding friction were found to be equivalent at high molecular weight, but not for low molecular weight. It was found that τ, a characteristic time appearing in the description of indentation creep, was dependent on molecular weight, and on initial contact age. For low molecular weight steady sliding friction forces were higher than for high molecular weight, while the contact area was of similar size, indicating that different dissipative mechanisms were active.

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