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Cocoa pod-and-husk meal as a feed ingredient in layer diets

Animal Feed Science and Technology
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DOI: 10.1016/0377-8401(91)90134-e
  • Biology
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  • Medicine


Abstract A trial of 10 months duration was conducted to investigate the nutritive value of cocoa pod-and-husk (CPH) meal for laying chickens. At 37 weeks of age, 288 AF Bosbek brown egg layers were randomly allotted in equal numbers to four experimental diets incorporating 0, 25, 50 or 75 g CPH meal kg −1. Each treatment was replicated three times in a completely randomized design and feed and water were provided ad libitum. Among the production parameters studied were hen-day egg production, egg weight, yolk colour score, shell thickness and interior quality (Haugh unit) score. In addition, several haematological variables, including blood haemoglobin and serum total protein and cholesterol, were measured. With the exception of Haugh unit scores, which showed a significant positive response ( P < 0.05) to dietary CPH levels, none of the other production parameters were influenced by dietary treatment. Similarly, the addition of CPH did not significantly affect any of the haematological variables studied.

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