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Behavior of Damaged Exterior RC Beam-Column Joints Strengthened by CFRP Composites

  • Beydokhty, Ebrahim Zamani
  • Shariatmadar, Hashem
Publication Date
May 01, 2016
Scientific Electronic Library Online - Brazil
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Abstract This paper presents an experimental investigation on the behavior of retrofitted beam-column joints subjected to reversed cyclic loading. The experimental program comprises 8 external beam-column joint connection subassemblages tested in 2 phases; one was the damaging phase and second was the repairing phase. The Beam-column joints were designed only for gravity loads. The joints had no beam-column joint transverse reinforcement and special stirrups in beam and column critical zones. These Non-Seismically designed (NS) joints were damaged with different levels at the first phase of the experiment. In the second phase, the damaged joints were strengthened with externally bonded carbon-fibre-reinforced polymers (C-FRP) sheets. From the observed responses of the examined specimens it can be deduced that the technique of externally bonded retrofitting (EBR) using C-FRP sheets is appropriate for the rehabilitation of the joints seismic capacity. This technique had a significant improvement of the energy dissipation and the performance level and finally it leads to improved type of damages compared with the damage modes of the specimens during the initial loading. Shortcomings of the application of C-FRP sheets for practical use are also pointed out.

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