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Statistics of structural holes in the one-component classical plasma near freezing

Elsevier B.V.
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DOI: 10.1016/s1288-3255(99)80007-0


Abstract The correlations between structural holes in the fluid phase of the one-component classical plasma near its freezing point at coupling strength Γ = 179 are studied by a statistical method using the Ornstein-Zernike relations for a partly quenched disordered system in combination with the hypernetted chain closure. The method involves inserting in the quenched structure of the plasma variable numbers of point-like charged particles, which on reaching equilibrium probe the holes in the matrix. When the probes carry the same charge as the plasma particles, the results may also be interpreted as describing the evolution of the correlations between annealed particles in a partly quenched disordered plasma upon varying the fraction of quenched particles at constant total density. Doubling the charge carried by the probes sharpens their correlations and improves the resolution that can be obtained in this method of structural analysis.

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