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Rules on aid and financial transfers to the Community steel industry after 1985. Communication by the Commission to the Council. COM (85) 515 final, 4 October 1985

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. . r t L~. COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COM(85) 515 final Brussels, 4 October 1985 COMMUNICATION BY THE COMMISSION TO THE COUNCIL RULES ON AID AND FINANCIAL TRANSFERS TO THE COMMUNITY STEEL INDUSTRY AFTER 1985 (Communication by the Commission to the Council) COM(85) 515 final Barbara Rectangle Barbara Sticky Note Completed set by Barbara • • 'I . \ \ i ,---·· •--- RULES ON AID AND FINANCIAL TRANSFERS TO THE COMMUNITY STEEL INDUSTRY AFTER 1985 (Communication from the Commission to the Council) 1. The Commission gave a preview of i~s policy on aid to the steel_ industry after 1985 in its memorandum of 19 July 1985 CCOMC85)376 final). 2. As noted in that memorandum, by the end of this year the objectives which the Community adopted in 1980-81 f~r bringing supply into line with demand, and which were ''ft)er'specified at the meeting of Industry Ministers at Elsinore in late 1982, will have been achieved. S~pply and demand will have been brought back into the degree of balance the Community was,then aiming for. However, as this was partly determined by the Limits of technical, social and regional feasibility, it still~ as expected, .leaves overcapacity in the indusiry, for some product categories more than for others. As .well as this adjustment of production capacity, the end of 1985 will a~so find Community steel firms, after a restructuring process that has required almost unprecedented levels of public financial support and social and regional sacrifices, in 1 technical and financial shepe such that they will have a prospect of being viable in normal circumstances, provided they continue to adjust their businesses and respond to the pressures towards such adjustment exerted by the market as controls are gradually lifted. 3. Now that there is a better balance between supply and demand and firms' competitiveness has ·improved, the special circumstances which justifi~d the Commission's taking powers under Artic

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