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Adenylate and Nicotinamide Nucleotides in Developing Soybean Seeds During Seed-Fill 1

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Profiles of adenylate and nicotinamide nucleotides in soybean seeds were determined during seed-fill. The ATP content per seed increased during the early seed-filling stages to a level of 10 to 12 micrograms per seed. Seed ATP decreased after 40 days of development and reached its lowest level of less than 1 microgram at maturity. The ATP:ADP ratios were relatively constant at all seed development stages. Sharp increases in AMP levels during the late seed-fill stages were paralleled with a disappearance of ATP and ADP pools resulting in a reduced seed energy charge. Energy charge varied from the highest value of 0.78 at mid-seed-fill to less than 0.10 at maturity.

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