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Effect of water storage on fluoride release and mechanical properties of a polyacid-modified composite resin (compomer)

Journal of Biomedical Research
Journal of Biomedical Research
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DOI: 10.1016/s1674-8301(11)60034-1
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We evaluated the effect of water storage on fluoride release and mechanical properties of compomer restorative material. Fluoride release was recorded using a specific fluoride electrode. Flexural properties and fracture toughness were measured using a universal testing machine. Vickers hardness was measured using a micro-hardness tester. There was initial burst of fluoride release up to 1 w, which was diminished to a low level in 1 mon and remained relatively constant over 6 mon. Flexural strength and hardness were increased up to 1 mon followed by a gradual decrease up to 6 mon. Flexural modulus was decreased gradually up to 6 mon. Fracture toughness was increased during the first week and gradually decreased over the storage period. We concluded that flexural properties, fracture toughness, Vickers hardness and fluoride release of compomer were sensitive to water as well as storage time. There was a significant effect of fluoride release on the studied mechanical properties.

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