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Can high w-6/w-3 ratio of fatty acids in the neuronal cell membrane phospholipids predispose fear behaviour ?

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Durham Research Online Deposited in DRO: 24 February 2012 Version of attached file: Published Version Peer-review status of attached file: Peer-reviewed Citation for published item: Singh, R.B. and Wilzynska, A. and De Meester, F and Wilson, D.W. and Hungin, A.P.S. (2011) ’Can high w-6/w-3 ratio of fatty acids in the neuronal cell membrane phospholipids predispose fear behaviour ?’, The open nutraceuticals journal., 4 . pp. 1-2. Further information on publisher’s website: Publisher’s copyright statement: Ram B. Singh; Licensee Bentham Open. This is an open access article licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License ( by-nc/3.0/) which permits unrestricted, non-commercial use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the work is properly cited. Use policy The full-text may be used and/or reproduced, and given to third parties in any format or medium, without prior permission or charge, for personal research or study, educational, or not-for-profit purposes provided that: • a full bibliographic reference is made to the original source • a link is made to the metadata record in DRO • the full-text is not changed in any way The full-text must not be sold in any format or medium without the formal permission of the copyright holders. Please consult the full DRO policy for further details. Durham University Library, Stockton Road, Durham DH1 3LY, United Kingdom Tel : +44 (0)191 334 3042 — Fax : +44 (0)191 334 2971 Editorial The Open Nutraceuticals Journal, 2011, Volume 4 1 1876-3960/11 2011 Bentham Open Open Access Editorial Can High w-6/w-3 Ratio of Fatty Acids in the Neuronal Cell Membrane Phospholipids Predispose Fear Behaviour? Ram B. Singh 1,*, Agnieszka Wilzynska 1 , Fabien De Meester 1 , D.W. Wilson 2 and A.P.S. Hungin 2 1 The Tsim Tsoum Institute, ul.Golebia

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