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Geography of Relationship between the Roman Catholic Church in Negombo and the Local Community

National Centre for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (NCAS)
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  • Geography
  • Catholicism
  • Protestantism
  • Orthodoxy


Negombo is a city in the western part of Sri Lanka with a predominantly Catholic community and has been the interface with European Catholicism, Protestantism and Orthodoxy throughout the last 500 years. The city developed with a unique cultural heritage due to religious influences of Catholicism. During the latter part of this period, people in the area were followers of several convictions. But the Catholic Church managed to retain its dominant position until the 19th century. Catholic Church in Negombo played an important role in maintaining ideas and life styles of the civil society. This has resulted in religious convictions and ecclesiastic affairs having a broader effect on Political and Geographical context here than in other areas of the country. This research examines the relationship between the Roman Catholic Church and the local community in the area. Key words: Catholicism; Protestantism; OrthodoxySri Lankan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Vol.1(1) July 2009

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