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A school principal's leadership : vision to reality

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  • Educational Leadership--Newfoundland And Labrador--Case Studies
  • High School Principals--Newfoundland And Labrador--Case Studies
  • School Organization And Management--Newfoundland And Labrador
  • Education


A SCHOO L PRINCIPAL'S LEADERSHIP: VISION TO REALITY by Carol Anne Northcott , B. A.. B. Ed. A thes is submitted to the School of Graduate Stud ies in partial fulfillment of t~'9 requirements for the Degree of Master of Educat ion. Memoria l University of Newfoundland St. John's , Newfoundland March, 1995 ..... National libraryoICanacla ~$i1iOns and Direction des acquiSitions et BIbliographic SeMces Branch desservices bibliographlQues 395lYelliog1onSlreel 395.M1WeIling«lo ~~Ji~ ~A~QtdaroJ) The author has granted an irrevocable non--excluslve licence allowing the National Library 01 Canada to reproduce, loan, distribute or sell copies 01 his/her thesis by any means and in any form or format, making this thesis available 10Interested persons. The author retains ownership of Ihe copyrlghl in his/her thesis. Neither the thesis nor substantial extracts from it may be printed or otherwise reproduced without his/her permission. ISBN 0-612- 01898-9 Canada L'auteur a accorde una licence I::evQcable at non exclusive permeltant /l ia Blbilotheque nationale du Canada de reprodulre, preter, distribuer ou vendre des copies de 58 these de quelque manlere at sous quelque forme que ce solt pour mattre des exemplalres de cette these a la disposi tion des personnes interessees. L'auteur conserve la proprlata du droll d'auteur qui protege sa these. Nlla these ni des extralls substantiels de celle-cl ne dolvent etre trnprlmes ou autrement reproduits sans son autorisat ion. Dedication This thes is is dedicated to the memory of Doctor Austin Harte, a thorough and knowledgeable professor, whoseexamplemotivatedmeto select him as my thesis supervisor. During the process of completing this thesis he challenged me 10think and w rite clearl y. At the time of his dealh I considered him a trusted fr iend. Abstract This study examines how a school principal brought his leadersh ip vision to reality within his schoor. Some researchers have viewed educational ad

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