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A note on the origin and histogenesis of the mesonephric duct in mammals

The Anatomical Record
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A NOTE ON THE ORTGIN AND HISTOGENESIS O F THE MESONEPHRIC IIUCT I N MAXUALS ERNST WEINBERG Tart% (Dorput), Estkonia, and Department of Anatomy, Uniceraity of Michigan THREE FIGURES The histogenesis of the primary excretory duct (the pro- nephric, mesonephric, or wolffirin duct) has been a question of controversy. The majority of authors (Waldeycr, '70; Romiti, '73 ; Kowalewsky, '75 ; Koelliker, '76 ; Renson, '83 ; Xeyer, '90, and many others) agree that the mesonephric or wolffian duct is derived from the mesoderm. According to Romiti ('73), the duct originates in chick embryos as an evagination of the pleuroperitoneal cavity. This evagination subsequently is cut off from this cavity and is constricted into a duct. Kowalewsky ('75) derives the duct from ail evagina- tion of the dorsal lamina of the intermediate cell mass, the latter being provided with a citvity commuiiicating with the coelom and the somitic cavity. According to Gasser ('77) and Sedgwick (W), the cephalic portion of the mesonephric duct of chick embryos develops from the intermediate cell mass and then grows freely caudalward, without having any direct connection with the intermediate cell mass below its point of origin. These authors, as well as Waldeyer ( '70)' Balfour ( '81)' and Mihalkovicz ( '85)' in contradistinction to Romiti and Kowalewsky, considered the duct as an originally solid rod of cells, which only later becomes provided with a lumen. His ('65) at first regarded the mesonephric duct of the chick as derived from a thickened fold of the ectoderm, by the side of the neural fold. Later ('68), His withdrew this statement, which, however, has been adopted by Hensen 4 73 374 EKNST WEINBERG (’67) a i d Graf Spee (’83) for Graf Spee con- sidered t.liat the aiilage of the mesonephric duct lay in t.ha.t part of t h ect.oderm which is opposite the intermediate cell mass. Here, according to t,his aut.lior, the cctoderm forms in the caudal portion of t.he embryo

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