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Instrument Fittings and Monitors-3

Elsevier Inc.
DOI: 10.1016/b978-088415308-5/50004-5


Publisher Summary Outlets on process lines are required near equipment or utility stations for providing plant air or plant gas. This chapter gives detail of many types of fittings that can be used for the outlets such as tees, O-lets, and reducing tees. Weld couplets are acceptable as nozzles on vessels, or can be used on large or small diameter pipe. The threaded couplet is suitable for installing gauges, thermometers, and thermocouples. Regardless of the brand name, tube fittings are made and tested to very high standards, to provide service without leaks and other problems. Scratches or other surface defects can lead to gas leaks. Tube fittings should be handled and stored with care to prevent damage. The surface should be protected by storing them in bin boxes inside their original cartons. This chapter also discusses fittings for extreme pressures such as, an oil well tubing head and the bourdon gauge. Furthermore, the chapter discusses steam traps. The primary purposes of steam traps on steam line and branch lines are to drain condensate, purge air and non-condensibles to assure dry steam supply to process equipment, and protect the steam piping system from erosion, corrosion, and water hammer. Last section deals with spare parts. The spare parts are usually on a separate purchase order and tagged as such. These items should be checked and received, left in their original cartons, labeled with project or client commodity code numbers, and then entered into the materials accounting system.

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