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Kartografija, GIS i internet

Croatian Cartographic Society - Hrvatsko kartografsko društvo
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casopis.p65 Internet KiG 2002,1 170 Cartography, GIS and Internet Internet A computer networkconsists of at least two computers mutually connected so they could transfer the data. The international computer network consists of various types of networks classified according to the standards they use and their very purpose. Internet is an international computer network that includes a large number of computers, as well as a general set of data, information processes and people giving or using these data (Fig. 1). It is made of a lot of national networks offering an infinite general potential of information, knowledge, communication manner and cooperation of people from all over the world (Meter et al. 1995). Internet can be observed as a set of basic communication protocols, as a physical collection of various types of hardware, e.g. a router and another network hardware, or even as a special idea about connecting people and communication. From the technical point of view, Internet is a network of all national, academic, scientific, commercial and other world networks. Thus connected, the Internet makes it possible for individuals from all these networks to communicate with each other and transfer information (Su anj and Petrić, 1996). The number of computers connected to Internet has been growing from day to day. In the beginning the Internet used to connect a very few computers for military and research purposes, then more and more universities have become members of Internet, then the government of the USA connected the majority of its institutions, and in the late eighties it became possible for various commercial organisations to approach Internet as well (Meter et al., 1995). Computer Industry Almanac has informed that there were 327 million users of Internet in the world in the year 2000. According

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