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Novi (stari) problemi europske poljoprivrede

Institute for social research in Zagreb
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  • Industrijski Način Proizvodnje Hrane
  • Riziko Po Zdravlje I Okoliš
  • Seljak
  • Industrial Way Of Food Production
  • Health And Environment Risks
  • Peasant (Agriculturist)
  • Agri-Business
  • Agricultural Science
  • Law
  • Pharmacology
  • Political Science


The author recognizes the cause of concern from hunger for poor the part of mankind and the cause of fear from health risky food in development countries, in the industrial way of food production. The author - on the basis of analysis published in the newspapers and electronic media, magazines and scientific literature - describes the role of agri-business, World Trade Organization and european countries peasants’ (farmers’) federations, as well as agricultural politics of European Union, and presents some controversies. Firstly, he has noted the benefits of the industrial food production (low and stable prices, as well as rich supply with means of living) from the health-risk standpoint (disregard for the health of people and disregard and cruelty towards animals), he describes especially: the crisis of Belgian poultry-breeders caused with dioxin (whichs equals the bankrupcy of 14.000 factories); unforeseeable damages by the Encephalitis Spongioformae Bovis (“cow madness ) caused by feeding the herbivorous animals with food of animal origin; consequences the application of ilegal hormons and legal antibiotics in food has on the health of animals; criticism of intensive breeding (fattening of big concentration of animals in small space in order to achieve as big augmentation as possible, etc.); problems of environment polution with manure, nitrats and other polutants, and danger (jeopardy) from genetically modified organisms and technology terminators. Peasants’ unions and public reactions, approach and relations by governements of some countries and European Union towards specific questions are included in the article. Peasants, for whom there is no more place in such food-production, consider the intensive agriculture to have reached its extreme limits and that nor govemmets neither the European Union are effective enough, that the dangerous consequences caused by the interests of agri-business (e.g., those of food-producers for animals with animal origins ingredients and their allies - slaughter-houses) as well as of pharmaceuticals for profit increasing.

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