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Alterung in Ostdeutschland: Gründerpotential sinkt bis 2020 merklich

  • Economics


Population shrinking and ageing are obvious trends in many German regions, but in the Eastern states they reach an unique level. An often ignored economic implication of these demographic deve-lopments is the reduction of the entrepreneurial potential. Shirking, on the one hand, diminishes the quantity of potential entrepreneurs, on the other hand these effects are strengthened by ageing trends, since people usually decide in younger years to found an enterprise. The analysis tries to quantify the impact of demographic change on entrepreneurship activities in east Germany until 2020. At the first stage on the basis of the Mikrozensus survey age specific shares of new entrepreneurs are calculated. In order to obtain a status-quo-forecast of new entrepreneurs at the second stage these quotas are combined with the population projections for the East Germany. As expected the propensity to set up a new business is highest for persons at the age form 25 to 39 years. Due to the strong reduction of this age group the number of new firm foundations will fall by approximately 25% until 2020.Whereas the decline in Berlin will be relatively small (14%), Brandenburg has to bear an alarming reduction of 32%.In contrast the West German states show only a reduction of 6% during the same period, which emphasizes the extraordinary dimension of demographic change in East Germany.

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