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Regionalne i subregionalne studije: Dalmacija i Pokrčje (I.)

Project TITIUS: the Krka river basin - heritage and sociocultual expansion (Faculty of Philosophy, Split); [email protected]
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  • Regija
  • Subregija
  • Regionalizacija
  • Regionalizam
  • Dalmacija
  • Region
  • Sub-Region
  • Regionalization
  • Regionalism
  • Dalmatia
  • Economics
  • History


This paper briefl y defi nes some terms, such as region, sub-region, regionalization and regionalism. This paper synthesizes three types of literature: the sociological, historiographical, and economic. Particularly, it analyzes some historical processes in Dalmatia through the relationship between history and sociology. Certain processes in the history of Dalmatia are considered - building on the Parsons thesis about the beginnings of modern societies’ systems- in a broader spatial and longer temporal context. The author outlines the changes in numerical and structural composition of the population of Dalmatia with having in focus the changes in the social (class-stratum) structure of the population of Dalmatia from 17 to 20 century, but only in basic terms, without reducing focus on administrative and economic considerations. Overview of population movements in the initial process of modernization, ie de-agregization, migration and industrialization is given mainly in terms of historical sociology.The author stresses that this text is part of a larger whole and that it is just the fi rst part of that work.

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