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Letter from David M. Bonner to Joshua Lederberg

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YALE UNIVERSITY OSBORN BOTANICAL LABORATORY NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT June 18, 1948 Professor Joshua S. Lederberg Department of Genetics College of Agriculture University of Msc0nsi.n Madison 6, Wisconsin Dear Josh: Thanks for your letter of June 5th. I was interested to learn of your Salmonella mutant which requires isoleucine and valine. You might send it to me since it might work into the general problem of this interrelationship. Regarding excha@ng cultures: I suspect in the long run it would be best for you to form your own collection of cultures. 1 should very much appreciate knowing of any interesting strains that you may turn up. Until such time as you have lyophilizing apparatus, I shall be glad to have your strains lyophilized and stored here, to be sent on to you when you are in a position to maintain your own apparatus. There may be a slack period of about a month this sumrrer when we will be doing very little lyophilizing since I have not as yet hired a person to care for the stocks and keep cultures lyophilieed. 1:should be able to l-andle a batch sornstime in August. Regarding the course in genetics and microorganisms, we haven't drawn up detailed outlines of the legyes as yet. I suspect your lecture period would fit in best late in Sej$$i%& or early in November. tVe have many people in mind for the lectures. Those who have agreed to come at the present time are: Sonneborn, Luria, Stackman, Vieston, and others I have undoubtedly forgotten. Vie have in mind getting Hershey and Horowitz but arrangements concerning them are not final. Winge has been invited but again we have not yet heard from him as to whether he would be willing to come. Best regards to you and ycur wife, Sincerely, -\ David Bonrer Associate Professor of Microbiology

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