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Analyzing the Effects of Failure on Fire Equipment in Building by FAST

Procedia Engineering
DOI: 10.1016/j.proeng.2012.08.218
  • Fire
  • Fire Equipment In Building
  • Failure Effect Ranking
  • Function Analysis
  • Fast


Abstract Quantitative analysis of the fire system efficacy of is the trend of China's fire equipment supervision and management. One of the important work is to analyze the effects of failure on fire equipment, and formulate corresponding countermeasures of maintenance and management. Utilizing function analysis system technique (FAST), the mission levels of the fire equipment in building were divided, the analyzing process for fire equipment failure was established according to the failure information during the actual operation of fire equipments, and on the level of component unit, subsystem function and system mission, the method of ranking the effective factors of fire equipment failure was proposed based on the mission and function analysis. The method divided the effects of failure into 3 classes: minor (failure class III), general (failure class II), significant (failure class I), and corresponding management measures were proposed for each class. The method was used in a case study.

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