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Correlation of the Edinburgh Gait Score With the Gillette Gait Index, the Gillette Functional Assessment Questionnaire, and Dimensionless Speed

Wolters Kluwer
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  • Medicine


This study examines the correlation of the Edinburgh Gait Score (EGS) with the Gillette Gait Index (GGI; formerly the Normalcy Index), the Gillette Functional Assessment Questionnaire, and speed, all of which are used as measures of gait quality or function. Scores were computed for 58 subjects, all with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. The correlation of the EGS with all of the other scores was found to be significant, with r2 ranging from 0.26 to 0.79. The strongest correlation was found with the GGI, which may reflect common features in the derivation of both of these scores, although the EGS was derived from observational gait analysis and the GGI from principal component analysis of variables from computerized 3-dimensional gait data. We conclude that the EGS shows good concurrent validity with alternative gait assessment scores.

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