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Regional orientation sessions on health resources planning

Publication Date
  • After November 1974
  • Health Resources Planning/Og
  • Planning Meeting/Og
  • Regional Health Planning


1.0 # .’ o 0 l DRAFT II 12/9/74 . Time REGIONALORIENTATIONSEbSIONSON HEALTH RESOURCESPLANNING GoalTopic DAY 1 15 minutesIntroductionand meeting plan Explain purpose of meeting and what is to be accomplished 30 minutes ~Discuss rationalefor HRP and the reasons for the form it has taken Legislativebackground on HRP HRP Legislation Discussmain provisionsof HRP 60 minutes 120 minutesArea Designation Discuss the area des~gnation process / I Discuss agency selection process and current program transition,includingtech- nical assistance 120 minutesAgency selectionand transition . DAY 2 120 minutesThrough mutual dialoguepro- vide substantiveassistance to effectiveimplementation of these activities Small Group Discussions on Key HRP Provisions 1. Essence of a ComprehensiveHealth Plan 2. R&A Process - strengthand weaknesses 3. Data for Planning 4. Expandedregulatoryprogram 5. State reorganizationand/or organization 60 minutesReports on Results of Provide total group Small Group Dis- ~ with highlightsof cussions small group sessions I m o 0 .. 0 2 . DAY 2 (COliT’d) “w Goal Time HRP Implementationon Give RegionalOffice staff 120 minutes Regional Basis and attendeesby States an an opportunityto address a) Regional Office steps that can be taken to Staff implementHRP at State and Presentation local level c) Meetings by States Regroup by regions I Summary Final questions ~ 30 minutes 1. I . . , , ~-... ..

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