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The increasing of technology accompanied by growth of society social and economics will influence situation of market. One of this influence is the make- up of request variation by society. Industrial of manufactur claimed to be able to serve tendency of request - requisition of arising out at society. Progressively congeniality broadness and knowledge of machinery area society will race the increasing of material requisition of multifarious society of manner. Relate to that from producer party and also seller of service will accept some new order of society so that problems which often arise is to him order it of the society that is is difficult of determine the the duration time of pemesinan they which must decide swiftly and accurate with matured consideration so that they will not experience of objection because determination of production time which yet still unpredictable. The problems is also faced by some industry of manufaktur workshop and also - machinery workshop in finishing work of its order, one of the among others that is process workmanship of bubut by using lathe of CNC which during the time still have directive to other experience and estimate, the mentioned less beneficial producer goodness and also consumer. See the this the fact felt important to improve; repair production system. Besides improved by productivity, product system also require to be developed its to specific changed of made product. This matter require to be conducted to face attitude of requisition dynamic. Such of attitude of requisition dynamic relate to not true come him of ordered uncertainty and kinds of ordered product. Effect of that problems is producer will find difficulties to determine workmanship of guywire product in accurate figure and quickly so that usage of program able to support in approximating the the duration time of machine require to be developed.

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