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Representation of material balance for fractional crystallization of reciprocal salt pair Systems: KNO3 production case study

Chemical Engineering Department, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Dhaka
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  • Chemical Engineering
  • Fractional Crystallization
  • Kno3 Production
  • Material Balance
  • Reciprocal Salt Pair Systems
  • Physics


In this paper, determination of material balance for reciprocal salt pair systems is considered and special case of KNO3 production is solved. A scheme is presented for calculation of material balance which is based on the conservation of ions and water. Material balance requires equilibrium composition and phase diagram of solid-liquid equilibria that is calculated by extended UNIQUAC thermodynamic model.Keywords: Fractional crystallization; KNO3 production; Material balance; Reciprocal Salt Pair systemsDOI = 10.3329/cerb.v14i2.5542Chemical Engineering Research Bulletin 14 (2010) 103-109

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