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How is citizen journalism affecting traditional journalism: what kind of impact is this creating?

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Journalism, over recent years has adapted and evolved in response to a range of developments and changes. Part due to technological advancements; such as the rapid growth of the internet and its continually escalating presence and dominance. As well as the ever growing necessity, importance and pressure created from society to become involved with an array of digital media devices. Factors and developments within this society are also impacting its direction, those who previously had no means of creating forms of journalism are finding they now have the power to do so, and finding a large demand from this. Allowing a cycle where both supply and demand are simultaneously being formed. These various factors have created, moulded and continually influenced what is being referred to as ‘Citizen Journalism’ or ‘Participatory Journalism’. Allowing me to explore how this new wave of journalism is affecting more traditional forms.

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