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14-19 Learning Pathways action plan

Welsh National Assembly
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ACTION PLAN – LEARNING PATHWAYS 14-19 14-19 Learning Pathways Action Plan 23/03/2006 ELLS(2) 06-06(p1) Annex A 14-19 ACTION PLAN: MINISTERIAL FOREWORD In November 2005 my Deputy Minister, Christine Chapman AM, produced a report setting out her recommendations for taking forward the 14-19 Learning Pathways programme. I promised then that following a period to allow interested parties to respond to the report an Action Plan would be produced in March 2006. I am pleased now to be able to publish that plan. Some of the responses to the Chapman Report, reflecting comments that have been made on earlier occasions since this work began after the publication of The Learning Country in 2001, suggest that there is a lack of clarity about our 14-19 proposals. I believe that such views are the result of mistaking an inclusive policy-making process for policy indecision. This Action Plan, taken in the context of the detailed Learning Pathways 14-19 Guidance II which accompanies it, should, therefore, leave no doubt about our intentions. We will now proceed further to transform the education and training opportunities available to our young people in the 14 to 19 age group. We are intent on such a major reform of education and training provision because we need to: 1. engage and motivate all young people in their education and training, so that they can achieve success at the highest possible level. In the interest of these young people and of Wales as a whole, we simply cannot accept the current low levels of attainment of too many within this age group. By enabling them to improve their performance we will enhance their life chances and through education and training, advance the cause of social justice. 2. encourage our young people to become involved in lifelong learning. We must ensure that the highest possible numbers in this age group are in education, training or employment after the ages of 16 and 18. We know that too often those who are

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