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Dynamic Interreceptor Coupling Contributes to the Consistent Open Duration of Ryanodine Receptors

Biophysical Journal
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DOI: 10.1016/j.bpj.2009.03.042
  • Biophysical Theory And Modeling


Abstract Ca 2+ spark is the elementary Ca 2+ signaling event in muscle excitation-contraction coupling. The rise time of Ca 2+ spark is rather stable under different conditions, suggesting consistent open duration of ryanodine receptors (RyRs) in vivo. It has been proposed that the array-based behavior of RyRs plays an important role in shaping Ca 2+ spark dynamics, particularly in controlling the open duration of RyR clusters. Therefore, we investigated the possible role of inter-RyR coupling in stabilization of the open time of arrayed RyRs under several potential perturbations, for instance, array size, inter-RyR coupling noise, and up-regulation or down-regulation of the activity of partial RyRs in the array. We found that RyR arrays with dynamic coupling showed consistent open duration against the perturbations, whereas the RyR array with constant coupling did not. On the other hand, the open probability and amplitude of RyR arrays with dynamic interreceptor coupling were sensitive to the perturbations. These two points were consistent with experimental observations, indicating that the RyR array with dynamic coupling could recapitulate in vivo open properties of RyRs. Our findings support the idea that dynamic coupling is a feasible in vivo working mechanism of RyR arrays.

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