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Marketingová strategie vybrané společnosti

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze
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  • Trh
  • Segmentace
  • Konkurence
  • Analýza
  • Cílová Skupina
  • Marketingová Komunikace
  • Vnitřní Prostředí
  • Vnější Prostředí
  • Marketingová Strategie
  • Marketingový Výzkum
  • Market
  • Segmentation
  • Competition
  • Analysis
  • Target Group
  • Marketing Communication
  • Internal Environment
  • External Environment
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Research
  • Communication


The subject of the thesis is the marketing strategy of Jemča a.s. company. The first part focuses on the theoretical background to describe the process and methods used by marketing practices and characterize the marketing mix instruments. The second part deals with the analysis of both macro and micro environment of the company in tea market, in order to detect possible invention in the company's marketing strategy and their integration into the company. This part is based on an analysis of documents, questionnaires and consultation with stakeholders. The aim of the analyzes, surveys and investigations is to determine the basic operating principles and laws of the market for tea, to segment the market and to monitor competition and interest groups. The outputs of these analyzes set the base for the company's final marketing strategy proposal. The final part assesses and analyzes the results of the survey and marketing strategy proposal based on them.

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